Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Baby on Board

I was driving home yesterday on the Accra Tema Motorway. I think I should at this point clearly indicate that I don't drive like a woman. I'm the kind of girl who honks at the car doing 80kph ahead of me in the inner lane and keeps flashing my headlights into your rearview mirror until you move to the outer lane..well, at least that's what i used to do until my car developed this problem where it starts to vibrate and shake between 80 and 100kph...strangely, it doesn't do that when i hit 100!
So yesterday, whiles driving, I saw through my mirror this car coming at real top speed, so i changed lanes to give way. I was really surprised when i noticed it was a young lady driving the car.....and to add to that, there was this bright yellow "baby on board" sign hanging on her back windows!
This sign got me thinking...why would I want to let the whole world know there's a baby in my car? I really don't get it! Is it something all would be mothers except me look forward to?
I tried reading around the reasoning behind the sign, and what I found says "it is to encourage safe driving"!
Oh really? That lady was certainly doing over 100kph, and the limit on the motorway is 100!
I don't see anything safe in letting the whole literate world know that I have a baby in my car. It is even dangerous to me because you're probably making a baby thief's work easier! Telling him/her, "Oh, you've got a potential here"...
Well, I just felt like putting what I'd been thinking into words.... no offence to readers who cannot wait to hang their "baby on board" signs in their cars some day...feel free to put up a post on how it amazes you why anyone would drive around with a baby in their car without warning to other road users....I just might get it after reading that...But until then, I stand amazed!

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