Friday, 15 March 2013

It's March Already?

Wow! It's been five months since I last posted!....and already three months into the new year! There's no excuse for this...well, I've got loads of reasons and I could start typing away to explain my "laziness". But I'll spare anyone who cares to read the details....I figured I should just put up a post (even if it's just three lines) to help get me back into the writing and posting mood (the same one I found myself in about six months ago)....So, hopefully, I'll soon start writing and posting :). With this being my first post of 2013, let me wish anyone who finds him/herself reading this a happy new year....My new year resolution (which I JUST made) is to MAKE time to write instead of just WISHING i had time to write...So help me God!
Maybe I should mention at this point that I actually made some time to continue the story I was working on before I took my hiatus...I've read through it a number of times, but it's not impressed me and that could explain why it's yet to see the light of day on this blog...

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