Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Bill's Story 7.5

Let's call this "Bill's Story 7.5, not 8 as it is shorter than usual. I figured posting whatever I have written is better than waiting for it to get longer. I hope I wasn't wrong.
And pleaaaasssse I want feedback! I need to know if I'm boring you to death or not. I don't want niceties...just facts and constructive criticism. I know you're reading cos I check my hits :)

“What do you mean by “knowing Berth”?
“Oh, she was my roommate back in uni.”
I looked at her with disbelief, wondering whether or not to believe her. She had this look on her face. It was halfway between mischief and excitement. Before I could find the right words to express my surprise, she went on,
“I’d always pictured the woman you intended to marry as a church girl. But no, I was wrong!” Who would have thought Berth would make the cut for you who thinks kissing someone who’s not your girlfriend is a crime?”
“What are you going on about Amy? You’re not making sense to me.” My understanding of her words was that Berth had a side I didn’t know about.
She rolled her eyes and only said, “Bill, not wanting to believe what you’re hearing is not the same as not understanding it.”
“Ok, so are you saying that my Berth has a side I don’t know about?”
She only clapped and gave me a thumbs up. I was curious to know what more she had to say, but I only heard myself say,
“We’ve all got history. What’s more important is what we are now - the present. Now, do you want me to finish that massage or what?” I didn’t know why, but I was beginning to get angry. I sat on the bed, and not being one to give up, she placed her feet on me and said, “Yes please. I need it.”
I continued from where I left off in silence, thinking about whatever it was Berth had in her history books.
“Look Bill,” she broke the silence. “I’m not saying Berth has done anything in particular. For all I know, she’s born again.”
“What at all did she do that makes you sound like she is not the same person you knew? How long have you known me to even be in a position to be judging me and my girlfriend?” I pushed her legs off me and got up so I could glare down at her as I asked.
Her mouth dropped open at my outburst.
“How did I judge you?”
“You judged me by assuming my Berth has a past I know nothing about.”
“But you were the same person who said we’ve all got history a few minutes ago, Bill.”
“And how does that prove that I don’t know about whatever it is that Berth has done in the past?” I countered.
“Bill dear,” she got up, walked to me, cupped my face in her palms and continued, “You know deep down that you want to know what I know about Berth. The truth hurts. Are you really ready to know?”
I pushed her hands off my face “I asked what makes you think I do not know whatever it is that you know about her? I didn’t ask you to tell me anything.” I felt I had to stand up for my woman.
“I do not think Bill, I know that you do not know. You wouldn’t be with her if you did.”
She found her shoes, angrily wore them, reached for her bag and without a backward glance at me, stepped out. I was fuming at this point.
I reached for my phone and called Kwadwo. His groggy voice reminded me I was 5 hours behind Ghana.
“Sorry for disturbing your sleep, but we need to talk.”
"What is it mate?" I mentally pictured him sitting up as he sensed the urgency in my voice.


  1. I really dislike Amy now. Can her plane back home crash pls? Lol

  2. hahaha, is she that annoying? she ain't going nowhere. better start getting used to her ;)

  3. wait oo....can be 5 hours ahead of Ghana if he is supposed to be in the US?. we like Amy very much...she sounds like crazy fun..#homewrecker..hehe

  4. Yes Papa Kweku! Don't make me wish I'd taken a second to research that....but really, I know the range is between 5 to 7 hours depending where in the US....You like Amy eh? I find it interesting that Nana Adwoa really dislikes her, and you like her very much! Men! :p

  5. ok so now you have changed the thing and made my earlier comment look stupid...your face wai! As for Amy, she should hurry up and tell us berth's score before her flight back, which she survives by the way, crashes and burns

    1. hahaha thanks for the heads up mate ;)
      what are friends for?

    2. ei, it looks like Amy's flight will have to do some disappearing things oh... my readers are really looking forward to that. I need to make time to write it ASAP

  6. such interesting plot. wonder what's next.

  7. Thanks Lux! I've been mulling over a number of scenarios in my head. Hopefully, it'll still remain interesting! on another note, I literally did a double take when I saw your comment. I'll send an email right after this reply to explain :)