Friday, 20 June 2014

I'm back!

Ok, so my last post was on the 23rd of November last year! What excuse can be given and accepted for this? Don't say none because excuses always abound. I would love to say I've not been lazy. That I've been so busy you wouldn't believe it if I told you. That my life has been a roller-coaster between my last story (not post) and now. All those are true. But who says you can't write while on a roller-coaster? Before anyone asks me if I've ever been on a roller-coaster, yes I have! And writing is not always about putting pen to paper or typing out on a computer. You can write in your head and pour it all out when the calm which lazy writers like myself are always looking for comes around. I think  No, I know I've just been plain lazy. And I would not give anyone the pleasure of telling me that to my face and having it hurt :p So i'll admit it so I can laugh at those who are unkind enough to agree with me :D
Of course there have been times when I'll start a post but lose interest by the end of the first sentence and never get around to posting it.Those are still there as drafts which I don't ever see myself finishing. I'd like to believe I have repented of my sins. I'm going to be serious from henceforth....but I'll perfectly understand your hesitance to trust me on this one. I'll just have to prove what I'm saying. Time will tell :)
I just think I've rediscovered my writing mojo. I just hope it sticks around for a longer while this time.

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