Friday, 31 August 2012

Bill's Story...Part 1

So i finally got around to writing a short story. This was after someone I was always ranting to about wanting to write but never having the time to do it made me feel like I'm not serious about the writing, here it is...if you read and you think it's worth sharing, then please share... Ps. let me know what you think of it through comments.

As we walked towards my car in the car park, I noticed we were the last two people to be leaving the office.
“Where is everyone?”, I wondered out loud.
“Funny you’re now asking. I noticed when we started down the stairs too that we were alone in the building.”
“So why didn’t you point it out?”
“What difference would that have made?”
I could tell she was trying real hard to not sound sarcastic. Her reply made me realise I should not have asked mine in the first place.
“Would it have made you more open to adventure?”, she continued.
This made me realise that she had really been coming on to me back in the office. It wasn’t my mind playing tricks with me. Amy was the new girl in the office. “Da new gal on da block” was how Kwadwo put it. He had been planning and scheming on getting her to so much as smile at him since she first stepped foot into the building, but his plans were yet to work. Instead, she seemed to be warming up to me a lot recently. I did not even notice it until Kwadwo pointed it out to me during one lunch break.
“You’re beginning to imagine things.”  
That was what I said to him. No, it’s not a case of me having low self esteem or anything of that sort. It’s just that I’m a realist – I’m very much aware of the fact that Kwadwo who could be described as my best pal, is a looker. Most girls go to all lengths to catch his attention even in the office. I on the other hand, am your average plain guy, the kind who will not warrant a second look from any girl. Don’t get me wrong – I’m not ugly. I’m just not on the same level as my pal when it comes to the looks department. That is why I find it a bit awkward that Amy is being all nice to me instead of my friend.
My original plan when I got into the office this morning was to clear all the backlog of work off my desk by 3:30pm. I had wanted to close before the evening rush hour so I could surprise Berth with supper this evening, but it was not meant to be. I had underestimated the volume of work I had, and here I was five hours after my own deadline.
“Which way are you headed?”, I enquired.
“Towards Madina.” “Aww, that’s so sweet of you,”  She gushed when I offered to drop her off.
No, Madina was nowhere near my intended final destination, and she was very much aware of this. I was hoping she’ll be considerate and ask me to drop her off at a point so she could pick a dropping home. I just realised my hopes were set too high. I managed a smile that looked genuine but felt nowhere near genuine. How on earth was I going to make it from Madina to Tema with the amount of fuel in my tank?
We got into the car, and I cursed under my breath  when loud hip hop came out the speakers once I turned on the engine. The look on her face when I looked up at her was one of surprise.
“Why do you look so amazed?”
“I was just wondering why you were cursing. If you were the last person to step out of your own car, the system volume will not climb up to 40 plus by itself, and neither will the CD change itself to what was playing.”
She noticed I did not find it funny. “I’m just trying to say you should chill out and be yourself around me!”
I was tempted to explain to her that Kwadwo had used my car during lunch break because his was at the workshop, but I felt I owed her no explanation. I just smiled, closed my eyes and let out a deep breath as I loosened my tie just a little bit. When I opened my eyes, she had leaned in towards me with her chin drawn up and a dreamy look on her face. There was just enough lighting from the car park for me to see. I was taken aback. I gently pushed her back into her seat whiles apologising profusely.
“You don’t have to be sorry. It’s not too late to change your mind. I know you’re not married, Jay”.
That also caught me unawares. “Oh no, no, I’m not married, but-”, She cut me off as she leaned in towards me again. This time round, she kissed me, and I responded although I was uncomfortable with it. My thoughts kept going back to Berth, but I kept telling myself this will not go anywhere. The ring of my phone was what it took to break it off. I cursed as I reached for it from the depths of my pocket. I knew from the ring tone who it was.
“Darling, I’m about driving out of the office. See you soon.”
I turned to look at Amy. “That was my girlfriend.”
“Is that why you look like you just killed someone? She’s only your girlfriend, not your wife!”
I backed out of the parking lot into the dimly lit street, and we rode together in silence for five minutes or more before she suggested I drop her off at Tetteh Quarshie so she could pick a taxi.
“I’ve kept DARLING waiting long enough as it is already.” Her words dripped with disdain, but I chose to ignore her. I was not even going to fake it and insist on dropping her off at home. “Thank You.”  That was all I said. When she got down, she leaned in through the passenger side window and said, “I enjoyed every bit of this evening. We’ll continue tomorrow.”
“No, listen to me, Amy, what happened should not have happened.” I was desperate to get her understand that this was a mistake.
She only laughed and walked away without looking back. I sat with my mouth gaping and watched her flag down a taxi. It was only after the taxi took off that I cursed again and drove off.
“I’ll put her in her place tomorrow.”

To be continued???


  1. I love it! I am totally drawn in. I want to know what happens next. You write so beautifully Seyram. Please don't deprive us. Part 2 please!!

  2. Glad to know someone likes it! That's enough inspiration to get a part 2 together :)

  3. keep it going Sey. enjoyed every bit of it while in traffic

  4. ehhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!my friend is such a good writer...i need time to read all of this...keep it up!

  5. Super entertaining, your insight be deep o.

  6. You are gifted. Am beginning to understand somethings maame..