Sunday, 5 June 2011


My childhood friend and neighbor's mum has been diagnosed with cancer and doctors have given her between 6months and one year to live.

Before this, cancer used to be something I only read about in storybooks and watched in movies

All of a sudden, someone I've known since my childhood has been diagnosed with it…

As a Christian, I have faith that nothing is impossible for the God we serve and I believe He can cure cancer.

All the same, this really got me thinking….

It got me thinking about the little things we take for granted in life

Most of us take for granted the little things that make life tick but without which our world would turn upside down.

We take for granted our loved ones…Yes we do!

We get so used to their presence in our lives that it is only when we are faced with the possibility of losing them that our sense of appreciation is awakened.

Most times, we take it for granted that it is the people around us that make life what it is…

Their smiles of approval and frowns of disapproval, their bursts of anger and hugs of gratitude all help make the world a "livable" place for us.

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  1. Very true. Like they say you don't know what you have till it's gone. But we don't have to wait till it's too late. Sorry about your friend's mum. Cancer is a horrible menace to society; robbing us of so many loved ones. We really need a cure pronto!