Wednesday, 15 July 2015

The Seedy Presumption - 8

I can't believe how sad I feel knowing this is the last post in the series!! Seriously, what's wrong with me? :D
I know it was quite an abrupt end but don't forget I was working within a word limit...It's up to me now to carry it forward...I pray the time to do this avails itself soon. Till then, enjoy the read :)

It had been two weeks since Akwesi’s room. I’d been avoiding him since then primarily because of what the Prophet said on the last day of his prescribed fast.
“The Lord didn’t reveal the meaning of the vision, but He told me something more in addition.”
I held my breath in anticipation and saw Mama’s eyes grow wider.
“He told me that the seed has already been planted in the physical.”
My heart dropped into the very pit of my stomach, from out of nowhere, the meaning of the Prophet’s vision stood out to me. I swallowed, kept my composure and mentally scolded myself,
“Stop the presumptions, Anima!”
“Man of God, what does this mean?”
I wondered if Mama had not heard what he’d said about God not revealing the meaning to him.
“Mrs Anim, if you really want me to work at getting the full revelation, I’ll strongly advise you to sign on to the 21 days assisted fast for divine revelation. It is free. But you’ll be required to sow a 500 cedis free will offering into the ministry when the revelation comes.”
“Alright Prophet, I’ll find the money and come back soon.”
On the way back home, I was torn between telling Mama my understanding of the vision. At least that would save her a considerable sum of money. And then I laughed at myself. Since when did I start believing in such things as visions? Since when did I even start decoding visions? My heart however still remained in the very pit of my stomach and I instinctively reached to touch it.
“Why did you laugh?”
“Did I laugh?”
She shook her head as if I was losing my mind and flagged down a taxi. Once we were seated in the taxi, she turned to face me,
“Yes? I asked a question.”
“It was nothing, Mama.”
“The time will soon come when I won’t be the one dragging you to church.”

I remained silent. I had just one question for God, and I waited for the solitude of my room to ask aloud,
“God, if you’re really up there, why did you not stop this seed from being planted? I thought you reveal to redeem.”
I nervously laughed and scolded myself,
“Stop the presumption, Anima!”

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