Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Seedy Presumption - 6

The story continues...

Mama had obviously already briefed the Prophet. We went straight into prayer mode, but not before I was handed a scarf to cover my head. There was no time to waste. It was supposed to be a fifteen minute session. I prayed along, thanking God for touching Papa’s heart on the issue of my education. I however had questions for him. Like why does he allow Papa to act the way he does most of the times? Why couldn’t we just live as one happy family with no need to go see Prophets and Men of God every now and then? I told him that he was making it hard for me to always believe he was real. Mine were silent prayers. I could hear the others though I couldn’t make out what they’d been praying as they’d been speaking in strange languages. Mama’s sounded like a cross between French and Chinese. I stifled a giggle. After a few minutes, the Prophet silenced all of us. He had a word for me.
“Anima, as I was praying, the Lord opened my eyes and I saw something.” The way he said it sent some panic through me. “Don’t worry my daughter, the Lord reveals to redeem.” He sensed my panic and made an effort to calm me down. He turned to Mama, “The devil knows what lies ahead of your daughter. That is why he wants to stop her from going forward. But he is a liar!”
“Oh yes he is!” Mr Personal Assistant piped from his position beside the Prophet, accompanying it with a loud clap.
The Prophet signalled him to get him a glass of water and continued while waiting for it, “I saw three big mountains between her and her future.” His eyes were back on Mama as he reached for the water and gulped it down, pausing for his words to make impact.
“As she struggled to climb the first mountain, I saw a seed planted in the spiritual realm. It yielded a wonderful harvest before she got to the mountain top but nobody wanted to harvest it.
“Man of God, what could this mean?” Mama was anxious and I must admit I was also anxious to hear what he had to say.
“I wasn’t shown the meaning, but let’s keep praying for revelation.”
He turned to face me. “We are going to pray for the next five minutes and scatter all mountains in your path, my daughter.” He signalled for me to draw nearer, and laid his hands on my head when I got before him. I noticed Mr Personal Assistant dash to stand behind me from the corner of my eye as the Prophet kept pushing my head backwards. It felt like he wanted me to fall down. The harder he pushed, the firmer I dug the sole of my feet into the ground.
“My daughter, if you do not allow the Spirit to move, our prayers will not work o.”
I wasn’t sure what he meant by that, but there was no way I was going to allow myself to be pushed to the ground. After what seemed like eternity, he abruptly ended the prayers. “This one requires fasting in addition. I’ll join you to fast for three days. I rarely do that for free, but I’ll do that for you my daughter.”
His eyes were closed as he spoke. He called Mama forward to join me, laid hands on both of us and said a short prayer after which we were dismissed. “Come back on the last day of the fast. We will pray together and everything will be over.”
“Thank you Prophet. May the almighty God continue to bless you.”
Mr Personal Assistant was at her side with the Love Offering container. She reached for her bag, took out some money, dropped it in and turned to face me, “Anima, say thank you to the Man of God.”
“Thank you Man of God”, I repeated, feeling like a toddler saying thank you for a lollipop.

“All praise to the Almighty,” he answered.

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